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 Sage Care has obtained the licensure required to operate a home management company in the State of Minnesota. We also carry insurance to ensure peace of mind and safety. The company is solely owned and operated by Ash Kwasniewicz, a year-round resident on the Gunflint Trail. She is a registered Nurse's Aide who completed her training locally through North Shore Health. She also has developed a wide skill set that's been honed from years of work experience and travel. Ash's involvement in assisted living facilities and her work as a private live-in caregiver fostered the realization that there is a severe lack of assistance in place to help people in maintaining health, happiness, and comfort while staying in the security of their own homes. With this awareness "Sage Care" began to form and take shape. We are so excited to be open for business and to help others live their lives as fully and richly as possible.

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