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Potential recipients will have an initial consultation to discuss areas where support is needed. Once services begin, a care plan will be formulated that is tailored to the specific needs of each household.

Child Care- $35/hr

Child care can be provided by the hour either inside the family's home or out in the community. Based on the children's capabilities and interests activities such as picnics, walks, scenic drives, crafts, etc. can be organized. We are proudly qualified to support individuals with special needs.

Respite- $35/hr

Respite is intended to give the primary caregiver temporary relief from their responsibilities by providing companionship to the supported individual(s). Provided in the home with an option to accompany on outings. Overnight supervision is available. 

Transportation- $35/hr

We chauffer individuals on errands and handle the items if need be, or run errands solo if they don't feel like going out. We'll take recipients to appointments either locally or as far as Duluth. We can accompany clients wherever they desire from a walk in the woods to a picnic on the beach. (Additional charge of $0.50 a mile after going beyond the distance of 5 miles from starting point.) 

Meal Preparation- $40/hr

We cater to various tastes and diets. Entire meals are planned, shopped for, prepared, then packed away for the future. We can also cook and serve the meal(s) that same day. 

Specializing in Pizzas, Casseroles, Soups/Stews, and Pot Roasts.

Housekeeping- $40/hr

Basic cleaning such as dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces. We also assist with more in-depth home maintenance including but not limited to; organizing pantries/closets, changing linens, laundry, and trash/snow removal.

*Given the vast distances in Cook County some travel fees may apply.* 

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